Beta work begins

Posted: June 23rd, 2017

Hello All!

We have a quick update, just to let people the basics of what's been going on with the CMS and what's upcoming. Alpha is out and available, post-release patching is done and work on the next version - AdaptCMS 4.0 Beta, began a few weeks ago. A more proper update, detailing some of the features we'll be working on and such will be out in the next week or two.

Get Involved

So first thing's first, we need your help! We're just a small open source software team right now and we'd love to get people involved in the project, so we can reach more users and build a better, more bad-ass CMS - while releasing the first public release in a timely manner.

Checkout the Get Involved page

Developers are a priority, it's not a must, but if you have used Laravel/know some of it - that is great. But front-end, designers, marketers, feel free to reach out and we can figure out how you can help!

Permissions Management

This is partially done already. Each installation will have pre-installed roles and assigned permissions to them. Users can then add additional roles, easily customizing the permissions for any page on your entire website.

Global Search

While search was partially implemented, we will be introducing a global public side and admin side searches.

Custom Field Types

This is a little ways off, but we plan on bringing at least custom field types to the CMS and Marketplace. This means people could create a google maps field type or implement an IMDB search - then display the IMDB rating for the movie when viewing that post, for example.

In Conclusion

Before we get to a few of those things, we're focused on squashing some current bugs and brainstorming how we can and what we need to build, to attract different types of user bases. Stay tuned in the next week or so for another update.

Social Media

If you have any questions or comments feel free to reach out to us and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.