AdaptCMS Limited Beta 2 - Released posted April 04

A little less than two months after the first public release of the new AdaptCMS 3.x line, Beta 2 is now available in a limited release. The new version brings the first base version of AdaptBB and many plugin additions altogether. (asset management, permissions, settings and more) Much of the work also was refactoring code - this lead to improvement in code overall and numerous bugs as well as fixing a few area where stability was a concern. A wordpress converter was also created, which could see the creation of similar conversion tools.

This release is limited again because there is still much left and our first full blown public release will be 3.0. Before now and then, there will be one more Beta - this will knock out any bugs we find, any browser compatibility issues and likely will involve some cooler things. (possibly a few more plugins, possible LESS integration)

Once Beta 3 is decently under way, we will likely then look at what all will be done with it and what will be done with 3.0 before release. Once the sites that will launch are done behind the scenes, we should have a good idea of a time period when it will release and will post here.

Included are instructions on how to install this version. We just ask to report any issues (or suggestions) and that if you start to use this release for a public site - you can upgrade, this started with the first beta - but we recommend waiting for 3.0 to fully release as we have not done a sweep for security issues/bugs.

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