AdaptCMS 2.0.3 Released posted June 13

Insane Visions is happy to announce another new release, AdaptCMS 2.0.3, immediately available to download.

2.0.3 is another "minor version", mainly fixing bugs and errors discovered from the previous version as well as some minor asthetic improvements.

The social feature received additional work, fixing numerous bugs including issues with blogs and several incorrect rewrite URL's. Tiny_mce, the wysiwyg editor, also received an upgrade to the latest version which also fixed a bug after adding an article.

The Sitemap Plugin received an upgrade as well, fixing the URL list and numerous URL's for the sitemap itself were linking incorrectly. A style issue with the admin bar was fixed, form builder captcha was upgraded and lastly - hits for an article are shown on the Articles ACP page.

While the list of new features isn't huge, the bugs helped stabilize AdaptCMS even more and most importantly, 2.0.3 is now the last release until the rewrite of Adapt into the cakePHP framework.

Download AdaptCMS 2.0.3

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