AdaptCMS 2.0.0 Beta Released posted June 14

Insane Visions is relieved and happy to announce the beta release of AdaptCMS 2.0.0! The process continues as 2.0.0 Beta is an open process, open to anybody to try out - no registration required.

AdaptCMS 2.0.0 Beta Download

The new beta is the very first release of the AdaptCMS 2.x line and if you have used AdaptCMS before, some things will seem familiar but overall is a different experience. Being the first version in the line, even with a private beta, it is noted that the chance of bugs is decently high - if you have a big successful site, don't run the beta on it.

If you are an AdaptCMS user or new to it, checkout the pages here at to get some information as well as pictures and we hope you enjoy the beta. Be sure to not only stay tuned to, but also on your beta "File Releases" page (website > acp/login > click "Upgrade AdaptCMS!") as you can directly update your beta files from there.

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