AdaptCMS 2.0 Beta - Update Upcoming posted June 27

The new updating scheme will be starting soon - much more frequent then in any other Insane Visions product before and it will start with AdaptCMS 2.0.1 Beta. The idea is to push out bug fixes often with incremental changes and then the 2.x versions become moreso features than bugs/fixes.

This will help the activity look better - as it is, it looks like since 1.5 AdaptCMS has been dead and if not for then, it would look like no progress had been done between 2.0 and 2.1 in a 3 month or so period. This will also get bugs fixed quickly - which we've already done and is still the best to use the File Manager, but for the general public they also have an avenue.

Already there have been numerous content bugs fixed - mostly relation bugs when linking articles together in certain situations as well as linking to media. Look for a possible release in the next 1-2 weeks.

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