AdaptCMS 2.0.1 Beta Released posted July 17

Insane Visions is pleased to announce a new beta for AdaptCMS 2.0 - AdaptCMS 2.0.1 Beta. This new version includes all the core files along with the newest files, which 2.0.0 users can just get through there admin control panel.

AdaptCMS 2.0.1 Beta Download

This is not a major upgrade and it only includes a few new features, but a lot of bugs fixed - including some major ones.

  • Share - You can now create an IV account to use with the feature right from your ACP! As well the login issues should be fixed.
  • Content Preview - A new, nifty feature that lets you preview the content without posting. At the moment it's just basic fields but may be expanded.
  • Content Relating - The biggest improvement with numerous bugs from linking to media, in a list data if blank would be used with an un-related item, etc.)

In the next beta expect to see more features than just bug fixes.

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