AdaptCMS 2.0.2 Beta Released posted December 11

After a lengthy delay Insane Visions is happy to announce that the AdaptCMS 2.0.2 Beta has been released!

AdaptCMS 2.0.2 Beta Download

Despite the delay there were many numerous bugs fixed as well as numerous new features and one more beta is expected to release as early as next week.

  • ACP Quick Links - click a little add button on any ACP page and a quick link is added to the main acp area - a box where you can edit and change the name or insert anything in!
  • Promote - Post content and a page shows features to help promote your article such as twitter and others.
  • RSS

The next beta will likely be more features or finished polishing on some, some partial done features may be removed temporarily until they are finished for the final 2.0 release or held until a later release.

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