AdaptCMS 2.0 - Update posted August 13

Just a short update, but progress for the first time in over 6 months has been made and a release is upcoming. There has been numerous bug fixes and minor cosmetic fixes.

As of right now the "to do" list has been finished, but I will finish implementing Insane Visions into 2.0 and going over every feature as well as testing out the installation on several different environments. Once that is done and I have a 3rd party test out the features as well, it will release. No definitive date but I could see it as early as Saturday night, but much more likely either Sunday or Monday.

After 2.0.0 is out the door, the next version will likely be out the door less than a month after that adding some things I had to cut out or enhancing some features I wasn't able to fully develop. Stay tuned!

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