Work starts back on AdaptCMS posted August 29

Even though AdaptCMS just released shortly ago, a few weeks ago, work has already begun on the next version - AdaptCMS 2.0.1. No exact features are known but already some of the focus has been on bugs, nothing big has been discovered but work on features will also be part of the release. Plugins not included at all in 2.0.0 are expected to be in 2.0.1, all that were in AdaptCMS 1.5 and possibly a new plugin.

An enhanced looking main page is also in the works as well as at least the foundation for a "Mobile" aspect of AdaptCMS, allowing users of adapt to customize a look specifically for mobile users, this feature may not be in the next version and may just be the foundation but it's up in the air. 

There are also some smaller tidbits being added such as being able to choose an author for an article, helpful for those sites that manage it where the actual author of an article won't be doing the posting. In the coming week there should be a blog to show off what will be in 2.0.1 and release will be in September.

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