AdaptCMS Update posted January 16

It's been a while since the last update, with some progress on 2.0.2 but mainly have let 2.0.1 settle. Work has been started back up, there will be a slight delay with needing some initial brainstorming and the next version of AdaptCMS will be a minor update with a more major version coming soon after that.

As of now the most significant aspects of 2.0.2 is the phpBB integration and tagging. Even though tagging has been in the system, more importance will be put into it other than simply being a field you can use when adding content in the ACP. As well the social features of AdaptCMS will get some work, mainly in the bug fixing area but also some additions such as group images and an enhanced template.

Stay tuned for a blog to detail the changes/additions in the next version.

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