Solitude Is Bliss - AdaptCMS 2.0 Powered posted February 18

A site thats been under work for some time now and powered by AdaptCMS has just been launched, the Tame Impala fan site - Solitude Is Bliss. The newly launched website is a database of sorts of a very underrated young band "Tame Impala", a psychedelic rock band with just one full length album but already so many fans.

From a bio, gallery of many pictures from live performances to random pics, videos of many of there songs, discography with info and references on all there stuff and a community running phpBB and newly created phpBB-AdaptCMS bridge running, a lot to see.

Once again - Solitude Is Bliss

Other News

Rather than create a seperate post I should note that our sister site Rock Reviews has had a lot of content go live recently. It is currently still an insanevisions website but in the future definitely a possibility of an expansion.

A review of the psychedelic Black Angels album "Passover" went live and a few older reviews will be up soon as well as reviews of brand new albums such as the Heartless Bastards "Arrow" and Band of Skulls "Sweet Sour".




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