AdaptCMS 2.0.2 Released posted May 14

Insane Visions is excited to announce the next release, AdaptCMS 2.0.2 now available for download.

While being another "minor version", 2.0.2 fixes numerous bugs and improves the stability of the Social set of features.

The big new feature is phpBB Integration. While it is not a fully integrated plugin, users can still login currently. Numerous bugs were also fixed - plugin area had numerous issues fixed, ACP Content Sorting, social status update and the Help ACP feature links up correctly.

A reported security hole was also fixed in this version as well as a new setup for the plugin file/folder setup.

While the list of new features isn't huge, the bugs helped stabilize AdaptCMS even more and most importantly, 2.0.2 is the last release until the rewrite of Adapt into the cakePHP framework.

Download AdaptCMS 2.0.2

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