New AdaptCMS Resource posted May 17

Just a small note, but to also avoid a little confusion. Clicking on "coming soon..." or "dynasty wizard" in the left nav bar takes you to a new page setup for AdaptCMS. It's using a customized version of candycane, a project management script. It's basically as a resource to help manage AdaptCMS for public view.

The public is welcome to contribute whatever they want, however the intention for the moment is to keep those interested in the loop on the ideas for AdaptCMS and progress, then once a beta comes along the features of candycane will be used such as bug reporting.

The reason for me kind of lazily throwing it into a few unused areas and not changing the image is because 1. I don't know the font used (this is a 7 year old layout, a while since last changed) and 2. A new design is early in the works. Nothing done yet, mainly just brainstorming and it won't be anything flashy, more for a practical side of things. Stay tuned.

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