AdaptCMS 2.0 - New Details posted April 09

After some delays the new design for AdaptCMS was received and fully implemented this past week - frontend and backend. There will be pics up very soon! In the meantime I figured I'd announce a big detail I thought I had already announced:

AdaptCMS 2.0 will be free, released under the GPL License

The Lite and Pro versions of AdaptCMS were a pain to manage and before I was quite low on money so I needed some income - this time I do have money and have already spent some on AdaptCMS. This does open the script to a different audience and hopefully is not taken as a negative - just because it is free only now, do not expect the quality to be worse or more limited...instead 2.0 will be much better.

Private Beta

With the design finished, the install file was started and functioning leading to a small private beta starting up - just need to do the upgrade. This does not mean a public beta isn't happening, I just needed something small to weed out any large bugs and if the conditions are fine a public beta is very possible.

Stay tuned for updates - I'll post some pictures of 2.0 with the new design in the next few days and hopefully will have news on any public beta in the next week.

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