AdaptCMS 2.0 Mini-Update #1 posted December 06

Just a brief update on the progress of AdaptCMS 2.0, a new blog with more features discussed will go up this week. Onto the update:

"Since the last update there's been a good amount of progress - some basic modules are done such as - Users, Groups, Levels, Content, Sections, Fields. Now it may sound like the script is getting close to completion but it isn't. Just those modules are only partially done - basically functioning and with the new SQL structure but new features aren't implemented yet, I want to get the whole basic cp done and then go from there.

I'm hoping to soon have the basic admin modules done - Comments, Files/Media, Pages, Polls, Settings, Skins. That doesn't include things like the support area which will be worked on in conjunction with improving the AdaptCMS v1 code and implementing new features. The frontend itself won't even be started for a little while.

Anyway that about wraps it up. I will have a demo of 2.0 up sometime this week."

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