AdaptCMS 1.5 Releasing shortly, 2.0 work begins posted July 01

Updates haven't been occurring for a while, but the good news is that AdaptCMS 1.5 will be releasing soon. Despite what I expected, the beta and final version will be very similar. This will mean several features won't appear until 2.0 (unless they're cut), the good news being a final version of the script will be out shortly. Since I'll be on "kind of" a vacation nextFriday/Saturday, I'm shooting for a release between this Friday-Sunday.

In another news, but still AdaptCMS related, work has VERY slowly started on the big 2.0 version. By work I mean brainstorming and it will continue to be brainstorming for a little while, actual work may not even begin until later July. Part of the reason is I'll be spending a good amount of money on a re-design of AdaptCMS. This includes a new admin skin, frontend skin and new

Before the release of 2.0 (a ways to go) a new version and look of this site will go up too, but as said, that's a ways to go. Once 1.5 is released a lot of brainstorming will be done on 2.0, as it will be the biggest release since the first version.

Stay tuned this weekend for the very likely release of AdaptCMS 1.5.

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wuxinhua @ on July 4th, 2009
This is a really good new... i hope soon this great project