AdaptCMS 1.4 Released posted January 24

Insane Visions has announced the release of AdaptCMS Lite 1.4 and AdaptCMS Pro 1.4, both available to download/purchase!

AdaptCMS 1.4 follows in the footsteps from 1.3, considered a "major version", whereas AdaptCMS 1.4 is a "minor release". Although a minor release, the 1.4 release brings numerous new additions and changes to the general CMS script. A new admin search has been added to easily find things, a nifty image re-sizer, RSS Importer 1.2, postpone an article and a few bigger features including custom fields usable now anywhere as well as the ablity to view a section listing by field.

With AdaptCMS you can manage any type of content website with an advanced sections feature, custom fields, easily editable templates, an advanced permissions area and more that makes AdaptCMS adaptable to any website.

AdaptCMS 1.4 is the 2nd to last version, with 1.5 being the last version until the most major version since 1.0 - AdaptCMS 2.0.

Download AdaptCMS Lite 1.4

Purchase AdaptCMS Pro 1.4

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wuxinhua @ on March 30th, 2009
I have download the CMS lite version.I want database structure.
wuxinhua @ on February 27th, 2009