AdaptCMS Lite 1.4 Beta Released posted January 05

We here at Insane Visions are excited to announce the fifth and long-awaited beta of AdaptCMS Lite. To test drive the new beta copy you must first be a registered member, you can register if you're not. Then all you have to do is view the link down below and signup to become a beta tester:

AdaptCMS Lite 1.4 Beta - Download

The AdaptCMS Lite 1.4 Beta along with all previous beta's are available at that link.

The AdaptCMS Lite 1.4 Beta is the sixth Beta of AdaptCMS and fifth of AdaptCMS Lite, taking content management to the next level with no cost whatsoever! We hope to release the script within the next week or two, along with AdaptCMS Pro.

New to AdaptCMS Lite is an admin search feature, refined online function, expanded pagination, postpone feature, global custom fields and more!

Be sure to keep tuned into for the latest updates.

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