AdaptCMS 1.4 - New Details posted January 01

Although the hopeful beta release of AdaptCMS 1.4 has been passed, the good news is that it will be out this weekend. Among the changes mentioned previously, two of the biggest additions help make AdaptCMS more adaptable then ever before.

One aspect that I've wanted in for quite a while, global custom fields, finally are now a reality. On the frontpage template (homepage_content), say you want to show an icon as you have a field added for it - no problem. But even more useful, say you have a gaming website and on the review list you want to edit the template (content_list) to show the system the review is for or even the score - no problem.

The usefulness of global custom fields helps make AdaptCMS adaptable to more and more websites as well as making it less and less needed to do custom coding in order to get something to work. You can even use related fields! (for example, a game related to a could display the game summary with a review related to it - continue for the 2nd addition)

The 2nd new addition is the most exciting, for me and is something I've wanted also for quite a while. I'm not sure what to call it, but it's essentially a combination of a content listing page and the search. Let's say for example you have a gaming website and you want to link to a page where it will list all Reviews for the PS3, in the past it simply wasn't possible besides setting up a section for each System (PS3 Reviews, PS2 Reviews, etc.), but now it's quite easy.

In that instance, simply link to a page like this - "". As you see "system" hyphenated with then "PS3", this is the format to use this feature and can be used with any field which is added for the section. It's also in the works for the "content" function built into AdaptCMS, so you could use the simple tag now to show specific content.

Both may not sound earth shattering, but the usability will be great when in use. Just think about how you would use both and you'll be surprised, especially, how useful feature #2 will be once you get your hands on the new version. Stay tuned the next day or two to grab up the beta.

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