AdaptCMS 1.4 Beta releasing soon posted December 21

It's been a long two months and with recent developments I can finally post some good news - the AdaptCMS 1.4 Beta will be releasing soon. There are still a few features left to do, but the beta releasing before the end of the year is a decent chance.

For those that have been following the development of AdaptCMS and/or AdaptBB, I am sorry for the severe lack of updates the past two months and that will be changing. As with 1.3, the beta for AdaptCMS 1.4 will be a mostly public beta - you can get it as long as you are a registered member here and fill in a few fields to become a beta tester.

Already in the new version of AdaptCMS is an admin search feature, refined users/guests online function, pagination for various areas of the frontend, a cool new postpone feature for articles and more. In the meantime of now and beta release will be work on a resize feature for uploading images, article quick edit and a good possibility of for example a game site - linking to a page based on field data. (ex.

Stay tuned for the release of the Beta as well as an update on AdaptBB 1.0.

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