AdaptCMS 1.4 - September 17th posted September 17

With the announcement that AdaptCMS 1.4 would be delayed, I did want to get a start on it with the features already thought of and luckily I was able to. Some of the features already done in AdaptCMS 1.4 aren't "huge" but useful.

  • Pagination - For the front main page and section pages, this has been something important missing so visitors can see all past articles.
  • Users Online - Pretty small but users and guests online have been adjusted so that the # of users online is more efficient and guests online now includes bots. When listing users online, it does list bots.
  • Comments Quote - Another small but nifty feature, you simple click on "Quote" by the comment you want to quote and it inserts the comment within quote tags into the text area, just making commenting easier.
  • Admin Search - Suggested to me not long ago, located above the "Support Search" feature, you can easily search articles, comments, fields, files, galleries, pages, settings, templates and users.
  • Postpone Article - This is a feature in OneCMS, but much better. You can select a date and time for the article to be published at that time. Before that time it will only be visible in the admin panel, but can be manually published at any time.

It may or may not seem like a lot, it isn't that much though it's some nifty useful stuff so far. This blog today is kind of like a "micro-blog", just briefly describing some of the new features, in this case just what's done so far.

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