AdaptCMS 1.4 Delayed posted August 30

It's been a little slow lately the past few weeks here at Insane Visions. Working on a script from the ground up (AdaptBB) is quite a tedious task as well as a fun thing to do. The forum script is shaping up quite nicely so far, but there is still a LOT of work to do on the forums themselves, not even including some of the unique features.

With all that said AdaptCMS 1.4 will be delayed. I know an "official release" is never given, but AdaptCMS 1.0-1.3 were released two months apart. However with work on AdaptBB 1.0 as well as another Insane Visions-related website being worked on and various other things, I don't expect to release 1.4 until sometime in October.

At this point we are still brainstorming and we will begin work on the new version shortly, but we would like your feedback! Check out this topic and leave any suggestions for features or anything else you would like to see in AdaptCMS 1.4. Stay tuned!

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