AdaptCMS 1.3 - Released posted July 18

Insane Visions is happy to announce that AdaptCMS Lite 1.3 and AdaptCMS Pro 1.3 have been released and are available to download/purchase!

AdaptCMS 1.3 follows AdaptCMS Lite/Pro v1.2, which was considered a "major release", 1.3 is a major release as well. New to the table in AdaptCMS 1.3 are a host of new features such as Bot Detection, a new "archive" feature in Statistics, new Read Me file, File Release System, URL List tool and several security enhancements, bug fixes and many more features! Exclusive to AdaptCMS Pro 1.3 are two new plugins - TinyURL and Form Builder.

With AdaptCMS you can manage any type of content website with an advanced sections feature, custom fields, easily editable templates, an advanced permissions area and more that makes AdaptCMS adaptable to any website.

Download AdaptCMS Lite 1.3

Purchase AdaptCMS Pro 1.3

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