AdaptCMS 1.3 - Releasing this Week posted July 13

I know the lack of updates the past few weeks may be taken by some that little work has been done and/or AdaptCMS 1.3 won't be out for a while longer, but they're wrong, infact AdaptCMS Lite/Pro 1.3 will release this week! Practically most of the past few weeks has been spent slowly starting on AdaptBB, but mostly working on the big Read Me that will be premiering in AdaptCMS 1.3.

With AdaptCMS 1.3 being now the second large version in a row, you can expect a lot of new things! Exclusive in Pro 1.3 are two new plugins - TinyURL and Form Builder, as well as Support Search 1.1. Both Lite and Pro welcome an enhance Statistics module, informative and large Read Me, a revolutionary new "File Release System" and so much more!

You can see a full list of what's coming in 1.3 at

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