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Editors Note: With our new blog here at, we'll be doing some mini-blogs about new features upcoming and recently finished, ideas and such. Expect to see them a few times a month!

It's been now a little over a month since the release of AdaptCMS 1.2 and a few weeks since the last blog and it seems like release is so far away. When working on v1.2 it seemed like it was going to be the only major version (other than 1.0) until 1.5, now it seems that I was wrong.

Whether or not 1.3 is a Major version really depends on whether User Subscriptions make it in or not. I really would like to try to get it in, it would delay release, but at the same time the Read Me isn't exactly close to being finished at this point and the extra time would be useful.

Although I don't know when 1.3 will be out, I can say it won't be for a little while (a Beta will probably be out in late June or early-mid July) and that there are still quite a bit left to do, but it already feels like a major version!

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Form Builder - Plugin

One of two new Plugins appearing in AdaptCMS Pro 1.3 is the "Form Builder". Basically the Plugin allows you to build a form, but with some advanced features.

First off you add a form, you pick the form name, whether or not captcha is used and the receiver. (form submission is sent to this address) After that you can add a field (textfield, text box, dropdown, checkbox or radio) with several options of there own.

Once you are done building the form, you can checkout the code and even view a preview! With this plugin you can create any form you need, from a simple contact form to staff application.

User Subscriptions

Ah, the single feature that will make 1.3 a Major version or not. I talked about User Subscriptions briefly in a previous Blog. To say it's a big feature would be an understatement.

How exactly it would work (coding-wise) is still being debated and thought about. But the basic idea is Subscriptions would be a separate admin area. When adding or editing a user level, you can assign it to a specific subscription.

When adding a subscription you would have options such as a cost (per year or per month, payable through paypal), restricting content and how much to show. (ex. Halo Wars Review is "Gold" content, shows the first 200 words of the review) There's a lot of other possibilities and it would be a feature that could be greatly expanded on, hopefully will be in 1.3.


We're hoping to do these blogs a few times a month, just really depends on progress and most won't be this long, but we want to get people more interested and get more involved. Feel free to post a comment with your thoughts!

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