AdaptCMS v1.2 - Released posted May 06

Insane Visions is happy to announce that AdaptCMS Lite v1.2 and AdaptCMS Pro v1.2 have been released and is available to download/purchase!

Continuing the quality and success of previous AdaptCMS versions, AdaptCMS Lite/Pro v1.2 brings even more new things to the table. New in v1.2 is a heavily improved Stats and Polls features, Bad Word filter, RSS Importer Plugin, Sitemap Generator Plugin and many bugs and security enhancements, among even more! AdaptCMS Pro v1.2 also has two new exclusive features, a Support Search and Shoutbox Plugin as well.

With an advanced sections feature you can maintain virtually any type of content website, custom fields, easily editable templates, an advanced permissions area and more that makes AdaptCMS adaptable to any website.

Download AdaptCMS Lite v1.2

Purchase AdaptCMS Pro v1.2

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