AdaptCMS v1.2 - Major Version (kinda) posted April 10

After a week without posting, I feel I need to post something and I have a bit of something to reveal.

I'm always pretty quiet about the progress of AdaptCMS (always thinking how it could be incorporated into the site) and aside from a blog about the features in the next version, it's a mystery until release. (same with OneCMS) However, v1.2 of AdaptCMS will (kind of) be a major version.

I say this because several things like stats and polls have been re-structured as well as several core features, cookies have been switched to sessions and several major features are awaiting to be done, including Subscriptions, which would make big changes. I hate to call 1.2 a "Major Version", but it is not a minor upgrade. I'll call it a "mini, major version".

I'll be doing another blog about site making, if you have any suggestion on what to cover or suggestions for what our next tutorial should be, leave a comment or contact us.

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