Release Thoughts posted January 30

For those that are web developers or really the creator of any product, you know that the few weeks after release are very important. The first version of AdaptCMS went through those two weeks with bad results, however I have good news.

AdaptCMS Lite is now listed at numerous script directories, the top ones being the top one Hotscripts as well as The PHP Resource Index and many others. The only "big one" I am awaiting is OpenSourceCMS, which gives OneCMS a LOT of exposure at the moment. Due to a small issue in the installation file, download numbers are skewed, but doing well.

AdaptCMS Pro is also listed at a lot of directories, it's induction into Hotscripts is pending. There also has already been several buyers.

As a whole, the "afterwards" of release is going well., statistically has been beating out normal traffic by x10. Lite being on OpenSourceCMS will help a lot, hopefully that will happen soon. Overall, I am pleased. In the coming weeks there will be some news on what's the next Insane Visions script and v1.1 for AdaptCMS! Stay tuned.

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