AdaptCMS - Updates Log, Features posted November 25

Just more of a small update than anything, letting people know that the previously posted Updates Log, is now back to being updated. It's just a bit of a feature here at, but allows all visitors to the site see the latest features being added to the script, like a behind-the-scenes look.

In other news, AdaptCMS Lite was approved and is now on sourceforge. When released, it will be downloadable there and does help with popularity, of course.


Feature wise, both Lite and Pro are still really in the planning stages. It's kind of a mix of "planning" and "working", in Pre-Alpha, if you want to put a term on it. The new features known is the ability to link a gallery to an article and show images and such from that gallery was just done, a plugins manager and then a search feature idea for AdaptCMS pro, which you can see here.

Other big features like a language feature and then other ideas that are in the old brain, thinking away. More updates soon.

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