Packs posted June 09

Another time length of no updates, pretty much still work. We aren't as shorthanded (at all, infact) and I am getting my 20-25 hours I asked for. This upcoming week I am only getting 15 on 3 days (sunday, monday, wednesday) so I will finally have time again for the script.

The script itself is basically finished (although I am thinking of adding, I swear, just one more thing to it) and I only really have the "Packs" left to finish, which isn't a small quick task. Once the Game and Blog packs are finished, then it will be ready for release. I also have to prepare marketing so the road to release is definitely in sight, especially with the currently smaller work hours. Some more screen shots and details will be upcoming as well, from how easy and quick it will be to buy the script to how the support will work. Stay tuned! Back to News Archive »