Last Stages posted May 15

I know it seems the script is always "upcoming" but trust me it really is.Smile I worked just last week 5 days straight including a long 3-11 shift on the last day so I have been quite busy. That said, on my first day off in a while I got a few bugs quirked out as well as what I believe is the finished "default" build.

The only part left to do is for myself, to do several things on the backend of this site so I can monitor reports and such as well as make "pre-sites" for likely Games, Blog and probably more after release. These "pre-sites" setup custom fields, templates for various categories, perfect for those that want a flexible CMS but don't have the patience/time to get it setup for say there gaming website.
There is no known release date but I am expecting a summer release and will keep everyone informed.

Lastly the demo on will be updated in the next week (this post will be updated when it's up) with the latest version of the script.
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