AdaptCMS 3.0 - Release Date posted July 06

We've been hard at work this past month trying to knock out any bugs we see and getting the first public release ready for production use. The great news is we are nearing completion and we are at a point that a release date can be published:

July 20th, 2013

This is just two weeks from now and I just want to run through exactly what will be happening that day, because it is a lot. By the day before, or likely, the weekend before we will already have a zipped up copy of AdaptCMS 3.0 - but on that release day we will also be launching the new website, an API website for plugins and themes and documentation site.

The new AdaptCMS website has been completely rebuilt just as the CMS - a new design and a ton of information on the new version. Both this and it's related sub-sites should launch that morning or early on that day at/around the same time as the CMS.

Until then? We'll be posting a blog shortly to detail the changes from Beta 3-3.0 and how to transition from After that, just stay tuned for July 20th either here, or probably better, the website for the full announcement details.

Stay tuned!

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