AdaptCMS Limited Beta 3 - Released posted June 08

The last limited beta, AdaptCMS Beta 3, is now available in a limited release. The new version brought a lot to the table - the biggest work was fixing bugs, fixing browser issues, mobile testing, query optimization and themes received a large upgrade.  More refactoring was done, a AdaptCMS 2.x converter was made and overall a lot of little enhancements.

This release is limited again because there is more testing and we want our full release, 3.0, to be as tested as possible. Between today and the release of AdaptCMS 3.0 (a release date should be known by next month), we will be working on getting it production ready - adding caching, doing another round of query optimization/bug hunting/browser testing and a few features - likely a google maps plugin and some updates to the plugins to get them ready.

We'll be going through every feature and testing them again, as well as seeing if we can make things more clear or look better. We'll also be testing on shared hosting in addition and update all the third party libraries. Once more work is done and exact details on what needs to be done before release, we should then know of a release date.

Included are instructions on how to install this version. We just ask to report any issues (or suggestions) and that if you start to use this release for a public site - you can upgrade from this release to 3.0, but note that this release is not officially supported as production ready since caching hasn't been enabled.

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