Final Touches posted April 26

First I want to say sorry for no updates. I've had a LOT going on, worked 18 hours last week coupled with a very strong intestinal virus and this week have already worked 19 hours (with 5 more with the weekend to rest) so working on sites or programming has not been impossible.

That said I am going to be working on the script more than I am getting used to work. The script itself is practically finished, with only a "default build" to do and then several pre-set sites and several other features, but will probably not be finished until after the script is released. There is no exact timeline for release but I am hoping for late this month or Early May. I want to get it out at a time where I won't have work and school at the same time where I can't help clients.

I am also resuming testing to look for bugs and for any little things that should be added.

That's all for now and once the scripts release is imminent I will make a post. Back to News Archive »