Update - June 11, 2006 posted June 10

For one the backend is almost completely done. All I have left for that is the error reporting system and the main admin page. (any suggestions? maybe the most active articles, latest users and latest poll?) Then I will start working on the main site of adaptcms.com itself and of course the frontend, keeping the date the same right now.

Specifically a large feature, I got the permissions done and without totally boasting, they are pretty sweet I think:


For example a user signs up and becomes a staff member, you edit the user to change him from a "Member" to "Staff" where you have assigned already letting "Staff" pretty much only access articles which brings up a unique aspect of permissions, you can only allow a user level to say, add "news" but not edit or delete. Doing this will allow them to add and only edit/delete there own content.

Also the licensing system is done. Without going into details, it is extremely secure and allows me to ensure only buyers of the script will run it, if it finds the license is invalid in any way it will stop the script and e-mail me immediately.

Anyways just wanted to update everyone, next up (aside from the last two admin parts left) will be the site itself. If you would like to see the admin panel in action send me a PM. Thanks. Back to News Archive »